Sunday, July 31, 2011

Of all the things I miss, I miss my friends the most.

I could never have asked to travel halfway around the world with a better group of people.  I am so grateful for the influence each person has had on my experience this summer and my life as a whole.  When I was sick, they comforted me by bringing me juice and pizza to make me feel at home, retold the day's adventures with pictures, brochures, and stories, and tossed numerous medicines at me from a safe distance until I found some that had me back on my feet and not contagious.  They granted me access into their lives as we shared raksi, curd, and side-splitting laughter.  I am honored to have shared in their personal experiences during our journey through Nepal, and delighted that my love for Kathmandu is so closely tied to my love for my new friends. 

May love and peace and joy prevail in each of your lives every day.


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